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Our Story

a long story, short…


  • I Forwarding has been founded in 2012 by Henri Vandenbogaerde, Tom Rapol and Björn Hannes, who all are for a long time already active in the forwarding community.
  • We have a small team of 6 FTE and each and every one is fully aware on the ongoing files handled by the colleagues and vice versa.
  • We are always reachable, which became rather something exceptional the last couple of years when you try to reach other freight forwarders.
  • We have a worldwide network of agents.
  • We work together with reliable shipping lines / partners / suppliers.
  • One-stop-shop (sea & airfreight / customs / logistics / warehousing / insurance / cross trade.

Our Mission & Values

We believe in what we do as a driving force to provide customers with the best logistics service, every day.

I-Forwarding emerged from a great idea of a close group of friends. In the meantime, we can already look back proudly on the beautiful journey we have made thanks to partnerships with agents, suppliers and customers and we are looking ambitiously ahead to what is (yet) to come.

Let’s embark on this journey together


Our team

We are much more than a team of experts. We are a team of persons sharing the same opinion and we’re using our experience and knowledge to make the difference

Our motivation

 Our job is our biggest passion, motivation. Our job challenges us with each shipment to improve ourselves and to prove the difference of quality level.

Our clients

Due to the fact that we have already realised a nice number of projects and shipments, our clients have faith in our services.

Our Team

Tom Rapol
Managing Director
+32 468 149385
+32 3 5002185

Björn Hannes
Managing Director
+32 477 928479
+32 3 5005184

Ester De Wuffel
Ops Ocean
+32 468 584295
+32 3 5002180

Dejan Gajic
Ops Ocean
not available
+32 2 8821674

Lieven Vandenbogaerde
Ops & Sales Air
+32 475 709811
+32 3 50021811
Michel Lockefeer
Business Development & Sales
+32 471 654330
+32 3 5002183

Our Network


I Forwarding


+32 3 500 98 16


Prins Boudewijnlaan 355
2610 Antwerp (Belgium)

Tax & legislation

BTW BE 0501.948.769

Transport Commissioner’s Permit

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